Digital Transformations, Formats & OTT


What We Do

Digital Transformation

We provide you the digital strategy that fits you like a glove. And we will not leave you hanging after that. Subsequently we'll implement and integrate your digital strategy, because we know you can hardly wait to use it. Not only are we technically equipped to make this digital transformation work, but we know exactly how to motivate your people to adopt this new reality. And besides that, BRUUT always wants to proof that your ROI results can be beyond your imagination if you use our strategy.


We create authentic formats with full media potential. Because we know the strengths and weaknesses of every medium and every technique, we mix and match the perfect fit for you, your brand and your target group. Cross platform formats that always fit your needs. Think Youtube formats for public broadcasters, international tv driven formats or web only sport formats for corporates. And because we sometimes have a little too much energy, we’re also working on our own formats and products.

OTT Solutions

Simple: you have a OTT question or problem, we find you the perfect solution. We know how to go 'Over The Top' and connect with your audience directly. From strategy to technical solutions, BRUUT has all the leading knowledge to create an integrated experience around your brand using every platform by its own strength. Thereby we have our own OTT products like Visual Experience Radio and the VinsonBeats player which is already used by several broadcasters.

Make it Work

We didn’t call ourselves BRUUT (brute) by accident. We believe in gut feeling, we communicate frank and straight and we’re pro-pro-active. We don’t only want to help you find the perfect concept or strategy, we also want to help you make it work. Our USP is that our specialized team can implement all these full media solutions instantly so you can have your ROI in blossom within months. We are here to create!

What Bruut Productions does can be categorized into three sections: Digital Transformations (from strategy to implementation), Formats (from concept to production) and Over The Top Solutions / Products (like Visual Experience Radio, VinsonBeats and BruteBeats).

Our strength is that all our experts know exactly how to make all this work for you. ROI and your conversion KPI’s are leading.
Success is guaranteed.

The Founder

For more than 20 years Edwin Valent worked successfully for leading media companies like VIAXCOM, Talpa, Digitas, Wolters-Kluwer, VARA, VPRO and SBS Broadcasting. 13 years ago he created his own media strategy: The Full Media Strategy®. A strategy with big impact both nationally as internationally. Since 2013 Valent is the driving force behind Bruut Productions B.V. where he combines all his skills and experiences to offer his clients the best media solutions.

The Strategy

Our Digital Transformation solutions are based on the Full Media Strategy. This Strategy helps you to mix and match the perfect media mix by taking the most out of every individual platform. So you can tell your story with maximum impact on your target audience, delivering you the ROI of your dreams. Valent implemented this strategy at VARA, Digitas and SBS Broadcasting and now Bruut Productions. The proven results are amazing; in reach, data, conversion and brand awareness.

The company

Bruut Productions was established by Valent in 2013. Bruut refers the radio & online tv show Edwin Valent created and presented for almost five years at Broadcaster VPRO. Now Bruut is a company that is build around this Full Media strategy, but above all built upon the expertise of the full media frontrunners in the Netherlands that are part of Bruut Productions B.V. Experts in storytelling, technical solutions and full media management.

The experts

All Bruut’s full media experts have their own unique skills to create and implement successful solutions and strategies so you can benefit from much higher results on every KPI.
They know how, when and where to tell your story, knowing all the do’s and dont’s and all the strengths and weaknesses of all platforms.
They are creative, enthousiastic, thorough, unstoppable and yes, a bit brute.